Company Profile

Company name KIYOTA SANGYO Co., Ltd.
Location <Head office>
11-25 Kikui, 2-Chome, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, 451-0044 Japan

<Tokyo branch office>
Shibaura Nisshin Bldg.Shinkan 3F,3-3-18 Kaigan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 108-0022 Japan
Year of foundation 1932
Year of company established 1949
Capital 100 million yen
Annual turnover 15.0 billion yen (2016), Group total: 18.0 billion yen
Board member Chairman: Takeo Kiyota
Vice Chairman: Masahiko Kiyota
President: Hiroyuki Yoshida
Senior Managing Director: Toshifumi Kimata
Managing Director:Yoshiyuki Sugito, Mitsuhito Kodama, Takashi Higuchi
Board Member: Yoshio Kiyota, Akira Ohguchi
Auditor: Yukiko Kiyota, Kayoko Kiyota
Company member 78
Business content Sales of food materials
Main financing bank Mizuho Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
Dealing products Food additives, oils and fats, starch, sugar and the like, raw chocolate materials, dairy products, raw fruit materials. Raw materials and all sorts of machinery for restaurant business and the like.
Market Confectionery, bakery, various manufacturers including ice-cream, beverage, processed foods, paste sea-food products, and retailers including restaurants, fast food industry,supermarkets,convenience stores, and the like.
Group company KIYOTA KOSAN Co., Ltd.  FRAICHEUR Co., Ltd.

Company History

1932 ◎First president Kazuo Kiyota established KIYOTA SHOTEN dealing in heavy chemicals and raw materials of frozen desserts
1945 ◎Commenced sales of materials for confectionery
1947 ◎Entered into distribution agreement with UENO SEIYAKU Co., Ltd. and SAN-EI KAGAKU KOGYO Co., Ltd. and commenced sales of food additives
1949 ◎Reorganized into company limited
1957 ◎Opened selling office at Nishi-ku, Kikui, Nagoya
1963 ◎Entered into distribution agreement with NISSEI Co., Ltd., commenced sales of freezers for food industries
1964 ◎Head office completed
1972 ◎Rebuilt a warehouse at head office, established computing section
◎Established food microorganism laboratory
1973 ◎Established VENTURE FOODS Co., Ltd.
1976 ◎Kazuo Kiyota became chairman
◎Takeo Kiyota became president
1980 ◎Rebuilt the first warehouse
1981 ◎Established CHUBU DELICA Limited Company
1984 ◎Established R&D section
◎Created a Employee Stock Ownership Association
1986 ◎Established Tokyo branch office
1989 ◎Established a factory in Seki-city, Gifu prefecture as a manufacturing department
1994 ◎Established R&D section in Seki manufacturing department
1995 ◎Established Seki second factory
1996 ◎Takeo Kiyota became chairman ◎Masahiko Kiyota became president ◎Established Shizuoka branch office ◎CHUBU DELICA Limited Company was changed to CHUBU DELICA Co.,Ltd.
1997 ◎Opened Udon noodle restaurant "DONKYU" at Jimokuji, Aichi prefecture
1998 ◎Established Import department
1999 ◎Opened "DONKYU" at Miwa and Haruhi, Aichi prefecture
2000 ◎Seki manufacturing department acquired ISO 9001
2003 ◎Opened "DONKYU" at Tokai Arao, Aichi prefecture
2004 ◎Seki manufacturing department started newly as FRAICHEUR Co., Ltd. independent from KIYOTA SANGYO Co., Ltd.
2005 ◎Opened "DONKYU" at Oharu, Aichi prefecture ◎Closed Shizuoka branch office
2006 ◎Opened "E'yo DONKYU" at Moriyama, Aichi prefecture
2007 ◎Established Development department after R&D room and Import department merged
2008 ◎New head office building completed
2010 ◎Opened "DONKYU" at Kakamigahara , Gifu prefecture ◎Hiroyuki Yoshida became senior vice president
2011 ◎Established R&D division,separated from Development department.
2012 ◎Masahiko Kiyota became vice chairman ◎Hiroyuki Yoshida became president
2013 ◎Tokyo branch office moved to Minato-ku ◎Opened "DONKYU" at Inazawa Heiwa , Aichi prefecture
2014 ◎Opened "BAKERY PARLOUR PELICAN at Moriyama,Aichi prefecture"
2015 ◎Opened "DONKYU" at Kameyama Chomyoji, Mie prefecture

Company Organizational Structure(As of Februrary 2012)


Group Company

  1. fraicheur co.,ltd
    FRAICHEUR develops fresh confectionary, and produces sweets for consumers. With our prominent development competence and supply management system, we provide delightful sweets for consumers throughout Japan. Our business is highly and widely evaluated in the food industry. Our Quality Management System is ISO9001 certified
    FRAICHEUR Co., Ltd.
    7-2-2, Toshin-cho, Seki-city, Gifu Pref., 501-3824, Japan
  2. chubu delica Co., Ltd.
    We develop Udon noodle restaurant "DONKYU" where Udon noodle topped with Sakura shrimp tempura is popular. We are making an effort to provide the taste of our noodle and a relaxed atmosphere to our customers.
    CHUBU DELICA Co., Ltd.
    11-25 Kikui, 2-Chome, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Pref., 451-0044, Japan
  3. venture foods Co., Ltd.
    Our products are easy to be dealt with, reasonable and delicious. The representative product is a soft milk candy covered with green tea powder called "Yawaraka Matcha Ame".
    108 Miyashige, Haruhi, Kiyosu-city, Aichi Pref., 452-0961, Japan
  4. Pelican Co., Ltd.
    Bakery Parlour Pelican is a modern and stylish cafe. We serve fresh-baked bread, cake and coffee made by selected roasted beans. And we hope you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere here.
    PELICAN Co., Ltd.
    862 Aza Higashiyama Kamishidami, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Pref., 463-0001, Japan